Ocean Signal rescueME MOB1 AIS MOB (personal SART)

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Personal locating AIS Man OverBoard device with integrated DSC

The MOB1 AIS is intended to be installed within the life-jacket* and will activate automatically on inflation, sending the first alert within 15 seconds. 

Once activated your MOB1 will transmit an alert to all AIS receivers and AIS enabled plotters in the vicinity. The integrated GPS ensures precise location is sent to your vessel and any others that may be assisting.

An additional feature of the MOB1, is its ability to activate the DSC alarm on your vessels VHF, alerting your crew to the situation.

  • AIS (Automatic Identification System)
  • Integrated DSC transmitter (Digital Selective Calling)
  • 30% (typ) smaller than competitors
  • Automatic activation
  • Simple lifejacket integration
  • 7 year battery life
  • 24+ hours operational life
  • 5 year warranty
  • Fast accurate positioning

Ling to programming software (country dependent)

Introducing the world's smallest AIS MOB device with integrated DSC technology – the Ocean Signal rescueME MOB1. This compact device is designed to work seamlessly with inflatable life-jackets, making it a practical choice for safety-conscious individuals.

The MOB1 is incredibly user-friendly. You simply install it within your life-jacket, and it automatically activates upon inflation, sending out an initial alert within just 15 seconds. It's built to withstand water up to 10 meters deep, ensuring reliability in challenging conditions. Plus, it features a bright strobe light for maximum visibility in low-light situations.

This innovative device not only communicates with the vessel you've become separated from but also with nearby vessels within a range of up to 5 miles, depending on conditions. For contacting rescue authorities, we offer an alternative product, the rescueME PLB1, which communicates directly via a dedicated search and rescue satellite network.

In case of an emergency, the rescueME MOB1 offers two swift methods to relay your precise position back to your vessel. It ensures accuracy within a few meters and provides a visual signal through its integrated strobe light.

When you fall overboard, your own vessel often presents the best chance of a rapid rescue. It's crucial that your crew is immediately alerted and can track your position while they work to recover you. Even in relatively calm seas, a visual sighting of a person overboard can be lost surprisingly fast.

Once activated, the MOB1 sends an alert to all AIS receivers and AIS-enabled plotters in the vicinity. The integrated GPS guarantees that your exact location is shared with your vessel and any assisting vessels. Another handy feature is the ability to trigger the DSC alarm on your vessel's VHF radio, notifying your crew of the situation.

Compatibility is not an issue with the rescueME MOB1. Most modern AIS plotters and DSC VHF radios meet the necessary standards to receive MOB transmissions. You can also configure the MOB1 to input your vessel's DSC MMSI number, and this number can be programmed multiple times for added convenience.

Stay safe on the water with the Ocean Signal rescueME MOB1 – your reliable companion for emergencies at sea.

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