Markus MOB Emergency Ladder MEL2-320: Swift Reboarding with Extra Ladder Length

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Up your marine safety with Markus MOB Emergency Ladder MEL2-320.

Swift reboarding is at the heart of its design, ensuring that boaters who accidentally end up in the water can easily get back onboard. With a total length of 320 cm, it's recommended for boats with 220 cm from the fastening point to the water, providing you with an additional meter of ladder below the water level.

Enjoy universal compatibility, a compact design, and robust construction for ultimate peace of mind on the water. With a lightweight profile weighing just 900 grams, the MEL2-320 guarantees inclusive safety for all your adventures. Invest in safety today!

Markus MOB Emergency Ladder Version MEL2-320: Your Key to Swift Reboarding in Overboard Situations

When it comes to safety at sea, the Markus MOB Emergency Ladder Version MEL2-320 is your lifeline. Tailored for boats with 220 cm from the fastening point to the water, it delivers exceptional benefits:

  • Swift Reboarding: Designed with a single, crucial mission – to enable boaters who accidentally find themselves in the water to easily and swiftly get back onboard.

  • Universal Compatibility: Whether you're on a leisure boat, workboat, or any other vessel, the MEL2-320 fits all boat types, providing an unmatched level of safety for all your marine adventures.

  • Compact and Space-Saving: Fasten it securely to your boat, and it takes up minimal space. Enjoy the freedom to explore the water with peace of mind, knowing you're prepared for any emergency.

  • Robust and Reliable: Tensile strength tested with each buckle loop taking equal load >2500 kg and a tensile strength test of each mesh >500 kg, this ladder is rigorously tested to handle extreme conditions, offering unwavering strength and durability, so you can confidently navigate the open water.

  • Inclusive Safety: Whether you're boating with family, friends, or colleagues, the MEL2-320 ensures that everyone can reboard the boat safely during an emergency.


  • Tensile Strength: Each buckle loop takes an equal load of over 2500 kg.
  • Mesh Tensile Strength: Each mesh can withstand a load of over 500 kg.
  • Fastenings: Equipped with 3 buckle loops featuring stainless steel (SS) buckles for corrosion resistance.
  • Width: 40 cm
  • Length: 320 cm
  • Material: Constructed from durable polyester webbing with lead inside the handle and reinforced with plastic rods in each step.
  • Equipped with an aluminum bar that evenly distributes the load on the fastening buckles.
  • Features a protective storage cover made of PVC/Polyester fabric.

Up your safety at sea with the Markus MOB Emergency Ladder Version MEL2-320. With a ladder that goes the extra meter below the water level, it ensures swift reboarding in overboard situations. Get yours today and embark on your boating adventures with confidence.

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