OLAS Core portable MOB alerting

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OLAS Core Portable Wireless Overboard Alarm

The Core is a compact, portable overboard alarm and emergency light system. It reacts within 2 seconds of a person falling overboard and can easily be switched between vessels without the time and cost of wired instillation. The Core can connect with up to 25 OLAS transmitters and cover a vessel up to 50ft.
What it does

The Core wirelessly tracks OLAS transmitters around the vessel. When a person wearing a transmitter falls overboard the in-built alarm is triggered and a high-power emergency red light gives visual indication and illuminates the surrounding area, all within 4 seconds.

As well as triggering the Alarm, the Core connects with the free OLAS mobile application providing an easy to read arrow back to the alert position plus essential MOB last known position information and an auto populated VHF prompt screens to support the crew during the stress of a recovery operation.

Why use the OLAS CORE

The Core gives skippers complete confidence that in the event of a MOB incident, the entire crew are alerted instantly and can take immediate recovery actions.

Losing a crew member overboard is every sailors’ worst nightmare. The larger the boat, the more difficult it can be to know immediately that a MOB incident has occurred, especially in the dark with crew members forward of the mast.

It can happen all too easily even in benign conditions. Wearing a physical tether, whilst advisable, is not always practical, and indeed falling overboard on a tether has been proven to be no guarantee of survival if the boat is at full speed and the skipper is not immediately aware of the incident. 

Who is it for

The Core connects to 25 crew members via wearable OLAS tag transmitters, creating a virtual lifeline. Larger vessels can be fitted with an OLAS Extender which increases the range from 50ft to 80ft. Suitable for anyone heading out on the water looking for added security and peace of mind. The OLAS tags are compact, light eight and have user replaceable batteries, suitable for adults, children, pets or important items which may fall overboard. 

Core Advantages

OLAS Integration Any OLAS transmitting devices, the OLAS Tags and OLAS Float-On LED light, within range can be tracked by the CORE, allowing freedom for the crew to move around the deck, with total confidence that an early warning system will alert them instantly of a MOB incident, so a swift recovery can be actioned.
Connects to 25 OLAS Transmitters (OLAS Tags or OLAS Float-On)Connecting up to 25 OLAS transmitters allows the CORE to be used on onboard larger vessels. OLAS transmitters are not only designed for crew, simply by attaching a transmitter to objects such as MOB flotation devices, the dog or a yacht tender, you can always be aware if something has gone missing.
Extender compatible 
An OLAS Extender, which is also 5V USB powered with an internal rechargeable battery can be used to cover areas where the transmitter signal may be blocked. This allows complete scalability and portability to vessels up to 80ft.
Portable with low power consumption – 5V USB 
The portable module is powered by 5V USB power supply enabling it to be used on different vessels without requiring hard wiring.
Inbuilt Alarm
An 85db alarm will sound to indicate an OLAS transmitter has gone out of range. The CORE can be linked up with the OLAS app so that alarms can be placed in 2 locations on the vessel.
Inbuilt Emergency Light 
A high-power emergency Red light will illuminate, offering clear visual indication of an alert, whilst also acting as a light to illuminate the area to aid with recovery at night.

System Feedback 
The CORE clearly indicates how many OLAS transmitters are connected during the setup process. Transmitters can be Added/Removed from the system either using the mobile App or through simple inbuilt switching process.


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