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Safety is not just a word; it's our promise. Sea-Safe-Up stands for uncompromising safety standards, ensuring that you have the confidence to navigate the waves and explore the wonders of the ocean. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality boating equipment that guarantees your safety, peace of mind, and enjoyment on the open sea.

Safety-First Approach: Safety is our primary focus; it's in our name and our DNA.

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UP Your Vessel's Safety with a Radar Reflector

UP Your Vessel's Safety with the EM230 SOLAS Radar Reflector

UP your maritime safety measures with the EM230 SOLAS Radar Reflector, a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize your vessel's visibility on radar systems. Boasting an impressive radar cross-section of 24m2, this reflector sets a new standard in marine safety equipment.

Recommended for vessels up to approximately 15 meters in length, the EM230 SOLAS Radar Reflector surpasses industry requirements with flying colors. Rigorously tested by QinetiQ, one of the foremost authorities in maritime safety, you can trust in its reliability and performance.

What sets the EM230 apart is its innovative design features. Featuring a patented symmetrically stacked surface, this reflector maximizes radar reflection efficiency, ensuring that your vessel remains detectable even in challenging conditions. Furthermore, its compact polyethylene container and featherweight construction (weighing in at only 2.3 kg) minimize wind resistance without compromising effectiveness.

Versatility is key when it comes to installation, and the EM230 delivers on all fronts. With multiple mounting options available – whether on deck, mast, or through hoisting (brackets sold separately) – you have the flexibility to tailor the placement to suit your vessel's unique configuration.

Invest in your vessel's safety with the EM230 SOLAS Radar Reflector and navigate the seas with confidence. Order yours today and experience the difference firsthand.

em-trak is all about AIS performance and reliability

em-trak - No gimmicks, just the very best performance and quality

Up your safety is our mission and this is why we have chosen to market em-trak to our customers

em-trak statement:
Em-trak AIS products are designed and engineered to deliver the very best performance, reliability, connectivity and installation experience for those who are serious about wanting an AIS transceiver that delivers the best real-world performance and long-term reliability.

This is achieved through a combination of advanced core technology, rigorous product development, high-quality manufacturing and intelligent product design.

No gimmicks, just a quest to continuously provide you with the very best AIS transceivers that place you in control and upon which you can rely for the safety of you, your family and boat.

em-trek focus is on functionality related to AIS performance. 

em-trak transceivers will receive and decode (extract all the information contained within a transmission) all AIS transmissions from any transceiver type – these include Class A, Class B, SART, MOB, AtoN and Base Stations. This means you have access to live weather and sea information as well as the ability to receive and send text messages.

All em-trak transceivers have the ability to be put into silent mode where you stop transmitting for a time, but continue to receive. And most importantly all em-trak transceivers have built-in intelligence that enables them to detect if there is some kind of issue with the transceiver itself, or your antennas which might be compromising performance.

Stay Connected and UP your safety with Himunication VHF Radios

Shakespeare antenna - fit the best

Shakespeare: A tradition of quality, excellence, and innovation - this is why we have chosen this Brand for our customers here at

For more than a century, Shakespeare has built a tradition on quality products and service, excellence in everything we do, and a drive for innovation.

Pioneering ideas have made Shakespeare the most trusted brand in the marine antenna industry. Known for superior dependability, durability, and performance Shakespeares products are the gold standard in the industry.

VHF, AIS, Broadband, AM/FM, SSB, CB antennas and all the assesories to go with them is avaliable at - your one stop Shop for cummunication for you and your boat.

Shakespeare offer high-quality products backed by strenuous testing and certifications and constantly perfected through collaboration with maritime professionals and ongoing research and development efforts. We believe in unprecedented durability and quality and offer warranties up to eight years on many of our products. Our QA testing includes:

  • 700-hour UV testing
  • VSWR testing to ensure the efficiency of the antenna
  • Gain testing to measure the strength of the antenna
  • Power testing to test the extreme points of the antenna for 50 cycles
  • 40-hour shaker testing to measure durability in rough physical conditions
  • 200-hour saltwater corrosion testing

VHF motorboat antennas

VHF sailboat antennas